Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ladies of Variety Christmas Party

The Ladies of Variety held their annual Christmas Party on the Wednesday the 7th of December. It's a huge event for approximately 1500 of South Australia's special children. Room 11 had been looking forward to this party all year!
An awesome time was had by all. Thank you Ladies of Variety!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bunnings DIY

Today we visited our local Bunnings for a kids DIY project. Our project was pencil boxes. We had to glue pieces together and then nail them together. We all did a great job with a hammer and nobody bashed their fingers! After nailing everything together we painted and decorated our boxes. We all showed great perserverance and independence with the project.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Calculator Numbers

Today in maths we looked at the differences between written numbers and the numbers on a calculator. We noticed that written numbers are made up of straight lines and curves and calculator numbers are made using only straight lines. We used pop sticks to recreate the numbers we saw on the calculators. We found that some numbers were easy to recognise and others were little harder. Below are some pictures of us working independently to recreate the numbers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week 8

Wow! It's week 8 already. Where has time gone? It's been a little while since the last post ( sorry I've been a little busy!). We have continued our work on the human body. We have learnt about our bones and our digestive system. We have just started learning about are circulatory system. Did you know that your heart is about the size of your fist? We didn't!
For the last couple of weeks we have been looking after the school's chooks. We have to check their water and feed, collect the food scraps from all the classes and collect the eggs. We all love doing this job. This week we got 4 new chickens! They won't lay eggs for a few months, but we are looking forward to having more eggs and being able to sell them for class pocket money. It will be a great opportunity to practice our money skills in a real life situation.
Check out the slideshow for photos of what we have been up to!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 4 Happenings!

Wow! I can't believe week 4 is over already. This term is moving along very quickly. For cooking this week we made pizzas! We had to knead the dough, roll the dough and place on all the toppings. We all did a great job and the proof was in how great they tasted. We have also been exploring our iPad's during our literacy and numeracy lessons. We love them!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Term 3 has begun!

Welcome to the first post for term 3. I can't believe that we are over the half way mark already! This term the whole school is starting the day with Play is the Way games. These games are helping us to build our social skills through positive play experiences. Room 11 has enjoyed starting the day with some fun. This term will be learning about the Human Body. We have written down lots of questions that we would like find out the answers too. We will also be studying an Information Report during our Accelerated Literacy lessons.
To build on our social skill learning we have started a new program called 'What's the buzz?'. The class enjoyed making videos last week on appropriate ways to greet people, holding a conversation and then saying goodbye. Tomorrows lesson will be on appropriate ways to gain attention.
We have also had a successful excursion to the cinema this term. The Ladies of Variety invited us once again to see 'Cars 2'. I think it's pretty safe to say that everyone enjoyed the movie and the day out.
Enjoy the slideshow below!

Week 3 on PhotoPeach

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I hope you are all enjoying your break. Last week I went to the SERU Special Education Expo. I've learnt some new things to bring back to the class. I've also been doing lots of learning about our new iPad's too. We will be able to use them very soon!
Also, just giving you the heads up that the Ladies of Variety Movie Day is Friday Week 1 (29th of July). The date crept up on me so permission slips will be sent home on Monday of week 1. See you all in a weeks time!